Patients need more than access to medicines.
They need a way in to health.
So do the brands we are entrusted with.

Creating VALUE


We think it's critical for people to have access to the healthcare they need.


We believe conversations about access are fundamental to healthcare decisions.


The access space is hard. And we love it.

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So Brands can find
their way in

Dynamic strategic consulting

Our clients’ brands deserve a clear way in to the marketplace. Our payer strategists are here to help.

Payer landscape assessment

Segmentation and targeting

HEOR, SPP, and digital strategy

Payer KOL influence mapping

Contract and pricing strategy

Bespoke market research

Access & reimbursement communications

We start by considering all of the critical access and reimbursement waypoints for any brand we represent.

Value propositions

Hub design and marketing

HEOR communications

Reimbursement support

Pull through

Conference and media plans


Impeccable preparation can make the difference between resounding success and abject failure.

Account manager training

Mock P&T and KOL speaker panels

Live/virtual workshops

Sales force training

Data analytics and optimization

We crunch the numbers to confirm the results...and point the way to future opportunities.

Campaign effectiveness measurement

Channel optimization

Digital partnerships

Product valuation

This way in to

Andrew Gottfried

Andrew is laser-focused on supporting clients’ evolving portfolios. Before being named President, Entrée Health, Andrew served as a managing partner for Entrée Health New York. For over 10 years he was instrumental in building an industry-leading agency with a diverse client roster and deep bench of market access talent. Andrew’s new role gives him responsibility for guiding both Entrée Health offices, although each agency remains operationally independent.

Andrew Gottfried
President, Entrée Health
Nina Greenberg

Nina only needs 3 things: a problem to solve, a story to tell, and talented people to help thrive. Imagine her daily joy at Entrée Health New York: complex market access situations, diverse brand stories to help people get to the healthcare they need, and colleagues with unlimited potential.

Nina taught medieval studies and critical theory for 10 years before sliding over to the healthcare marketing space.

Nina Greenberg
Managing Partner, Executive Creative Director
Randi Baerson

Randi combines digital, patient, and healthcare professional experience with her passion for the world of access and reimbursement. And she loves the fast-paced life of account management because of the result: helping patients get the medicines they need to live healthier lives. When she’s not in the office, Randi loves to slow down, hang with her family, and enjoy her weekend job as a soccer mom.

Randi Baerson
SVP, Client Service Director
Denise Dell’Olio

After 19 years in pharma advertising, including 6 years in the market access space, Denise’s diverse experience encompasses everything from DTC spots to HCP campaigns. She’s passionate about leading the creative team in developing imaginative, visually compelling messages to influence payers. And she’s ever-curious: Denise has a BFA in advertising from the School of Visual Arts, a degree in digital marketing from NYU, and training in reflexology.

Denise Dell’Olio
SVP, Creative Director, Art
Jason Dineen

The creative lead at Entrée Health Princeton, Jason came to Entree Health from nonprofit medical research, where he “translated science into plain English.” A penchant for joining the analytical with his creative side led him to healthcare agency life. He explains, “Our work is about the marriage of art and science. Working with our teams to dig for insights and seek inspiration—that’s what gets me to the office every day.”

Jason Dineen
SVP, Group Creative Director
Megan Hall

Megan has spent the majority of her career in the access & reimbursement space, writing communications that help payers, physicians, and patients understand the value of the brands with which we are entrusted. A former scientist and a forever science geek, Megan received a MS in biophysical chemistry and reads the science section of the New York Times daily.

Megan Hall
SVP, Group Creative Director, Copy
Edie Pargh

With over 35 years in the payer and professional space, Edie knows the importance of communicating the true value of our clients' products with power and originality. "It's not 'value' in the abstract," she says. "Payer decisions affect real people, everyday." An inventor and fiction writer, Edie thrives on the unexpected.

Edie Pargh
SVP, Group Creative Director, Copy
Dina Steinfurth

Dina has been with Entrée Health since 2006 and has led multiple brand launches in therapeutic categories including oncology, inflammation, bone health, kidney disease, ophthalmology, behavioral health, women’s health, multiple sclerosis, and cardiovascular disease. Dina is responsible for building client relationships, setting brand strategy and overseeing execution in access & reimbursement communications both US and global.

Dina Steinfurth
SVP, Client Service Director
Lori Wood

With more than 25 years of experience, at places like Magellan Behavioral Health and Aetna Health Plans, Lori brings real world knowledge to the management team. She works extensively with the development of strategic planning and initiatives for products along their lifecycle including pre-launch to LOE. She manages the relationship with payer key opinion leaders across multiple channels to assist with development and validation of initiatives within many therapeutic areas.

Lori Wood
SVP, Payer Planning

Meet a (not so) typical team

Word Wizard


What do you do with a BA in English? Join the Entrée Health Copy Team, maybe. We’re a slew of creative and savvy individuals who think it’s cool to care about commas. Whether we’re hunting for references or creating ads with our Art partners, we approach our jobs with attention to detail and a hunger for information.

Mia Ross

Meet a (not so) typical team

Layout Lover


Love kerning? Get excited over color theory and typography? Just like Paul. Paul is part of the Entrée Health Art team, a force of creative energy and crazy Photoshop skills. You won’t find us designing a deck or laying out a brochure blindly; we like to know what it’s all about so we can make the most strategic design choices possible.

Paul Smith

Meet a (not so) typical team

Semicolon Police


Some may call us obsessive. And sure, we can be a little nitpicky. But at the end of the day, the Entrée Health Editorial Team is hardworking and meticulous. We read, edit, and fact-check every single piece the agency churns out, from 200-page digests to 200-word flashcards. There’s no misspelling too small and no grammar rule too obscure for us to catch.

Donise Olubamow

Meet a (not so) typical team

People Person


What do you get when you mix interpersonal savvy with a mind for strategy and a secret love of Excel documents? A member of the Entrée Health Account Team, of course. We pride ourselves in being able to do it all—review creative, manage finances, and develop client strategies—with smiles on our faces. And, we’ll never forget your name.

Carlos De La Puente

Meet a (not so) typical team

Perfect Planner


Entrée Health Project Managers all have one thing in common: we sure can make a plan. We approach digital projects both strategically and logistically, making sure each and every piece addresses and satisfies our brands’ needs. Clients, creatives, finance folks, developers? No problem, we’re fluent in all their languages.

Erich Otoba

Meet a (not so) typical team

Process Guru


Entrée Health Project Coordinators know how to keep the whole agency on track. From the day a project starts to the moment it’s released into the world, we stay on top of our team to make sure everything runs flawlessly. And with client submission systems memorized and I <3 Timelines posters hanging up at our desks, we’ve got the process down pat.

Ian Barnes

There are many ways in to Entrée Health

You'll know you belong here if you love hanging with A students. If the creative inside of you can’t wait to get out. If you are motivated to help people get the medicines they need. What are you waiting for?

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We Care

We're thrilled to congratulate Natasha Aswani (VP, ACD, Copy) who was just named a 2016 MAIPer to Watch by The Four A's. Nine short years from being selected for the Multicultural Advertising Intern Program (MAIP) to being a role model today.


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